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From Fear into power

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Fear can make us grow older fast, it is one the biggest reasons of a lot of illnesses and it also take rops us of our energy

I thought I had no fear, little did i know that most if not all of my decision were based on fear.

this meant that i would never let myself successded in anything that i did

“Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.”

As I became honest with my self i found that the fear of people opinion was my biggest fear

How much did I crave for others to like me! I didn't believe that as human we would go so far as to do anything to know that others like us.

I was my biggest enemy

When i realized that my fear of people has prevented me from doing anything on this world i got so disturbed. I was so angry that i cared about people so much that i wouldn't even take a single step without looking around of how others felt about it

The changes of overcoming this fear was not instant in fact it's still ongoing process. One the realization that i had was that people are always unpredicatable and emotional. that is they could like you one moment and the other moment they would reject you. This is because most people don't have any mastery over thier emotions.

The second realization that i had was that the more you know and interact with people the more you know that they are not there to give you reassurance you need. In another word the fantacy that people are so loving is not real, what is the truth is that love doesn't come from anywhere except from the inside.

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