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Zakarya is a professional coach who helps young professionals heal and free themselves from the bondage of judgments to fulfill their true purpose. Zakarya is a middleastern Yemeni refugee in the U.K who decided not only to survive but to also to thrive in difficult and unusual circumstances .He  has been commissioned as an army officer from The Royal Academy of Sandhurst.  Zakarya has worked as a Personal Trainer helping women reclaim their confidence in themselves through losing excess weight. Zakarya is currently working on his psychology degree’s dissertation on mental health and wellbeing.

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My Story

Hello! I’m Zakarya Alashwal. I am a mindset coach who helps young professionals to heal their internal chaos so they can live the true purpose in life and feel at home.

I am passionate about helping others because my biggest challenge in life has been the fear of judgments. I was raised to care about what other people are going to say and comment about me. I take things personal and I used to dress, eat, talk, walk, live, play, study, dream and do everything no matter how small or big with the strong attention on what people are going to say. 

My family was an extreme case of thriving on people’s attention to meet expectations of others.  I felt that I was living a cage fulfilling to meet the needs of others.I was raised to be acceptable to my parents and others but never felt accepted and fit in. 

In fact I used to get rejected, yelled at, abused, bullied everywhere I went, in school, in the streets and among peers. I felt like I was an imposter.

An  affirmation that I heard 5 years ago goes like this “everything I touch prospers”. The affirmation woke me to the truth of my feelings towards myself. My belief until this point of my life was “everything I touch goes wrong”. That was the beginning of the exploration of all the beliefs that I held about myself. The internal beliefs that I held about myself have shaped the way I thought, felt and acted in life. I have learned that when we let go of the fear of these self-sabotaging judgements, about ourselves and others, we can achieve personal freedom, peace and love.

My story


I'm always looking forward to learning about anyone's journey and what makes them unique. 

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